Leisure & Sightseeing

The lake of Arjuzanx

From the Bergerie at a distance of 2,5 km with a large sandy beach, guarded during July and August, boat & canoe renting, parking and refreshment stand.

http://vogueavecana.wifeo.com   www.tourisme-landes.com/Arjuzanx.html

The Nature & Wildlife Reserve of Arjuzanx

2600 hectares (5300 acres) of reclaimed open pit mine area, now protected under Natura 2000. This is one of Europe’s main wintering areas for the common crane and many other migrating birds. During the summer it can be discovered by foot, on bicycle or on horseback. Guided tours are available year round by contacting the nature rangers at “Maison Barreyre”.


The county of Morcenx

All you want to knowabout interesting sites and ongoing activities like village festivals, circuits for walking or cycling, open air markets or fairs, church services, films or theaters can easily be found at:

www.paysmorcenais.fr      www.comitedesfetesmorcenx.com


The Regional Natural Park of the “Landes de Gascogne”

It offers many interesting excursions throughout the region: boat and canoe rides on the river “Leyre”, meandering through the forest to the basin of Arcachon; visiting the eco-museum of Marquèze at Sabres. For more details go to:


www.ecotourisme-landes-de-gascogne.fr   www.pays-landesdegascogne.org/

The Atlantic Ocean, “Côte d’Argent”

Favorite bathing and surfing spots are Mimizan Beach, Contis Beach and Cap de l’Homy, 45 to 55 km from Arjuzanx.

www.mimizan.com   www.contis-plage.com   www.litetmixe.com

More information about tourism in the Landesvisit the following web sites:  www.tourisme.fr/office-de-tourisme/morcenx.htm

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www.rentforyourvacation.com   www.landes-tourisme.info

Concerts and music in the Landes:

www.lma-info.com    www.musicalarue.com    www.lecafemusic.com